How Far You'll Go

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How Far You'll Go
Moana Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Realm Quest Dream Castle.png
Prerequisites: Complete Quests
Rewards: Unlock Moana

How Far You'll Go is a Realm Quest available from the Moana Realm. It's available after completing the quests Menu Icon Quests.png After the Storm & Menu Icon Quests.png The Great Maui.

A task in this quest is to place and build Moana's House, which costs Star Coin icon.png 2,000. After completion of this quest Moana will move to the Valley.

Quest Text

Now that Moana is free to sail again, it's time to get back on the waves.

Moana found a strange map while fixing the boat. Unable to read it, she gives it to you so you can examine it. It turns into a Memory, and you can now use it to navigate.

While exploring the seas, you discover a new area where something mysterious is moving in the water.

You catch a very special fish with Moana's help. Now that she's found a rich fishing spot for her people, she can come visit Dreamlight Valley. But first, she needs a place to live.

To build a place that's got everything Moana needs, you'll need to pay McDuck Construction.

After building Moana a comfortable place to live, you welcome her to the Village.


  • Moana wants to talk to you about something she found.
  • Examine the strange map Moana just gave you.
  • Talk to Moana about what the Memory was hiding.
  • Search the different areas in the sea to find something to light the way across the mist.
  • You found a Torch to light the way.
  • Navigate across the mist with Moana's help.
  • We crossed the mist!
  • Something is moving in the water. Try to catch it.
  • Show Moana your your catch.
  • (Press
    to access Furniture to place in the House.)
  • Make sure Moana is comfortable in the Village by placing Moana's Fale.
  • Use the Scrooge McDuck sign to pay for the construction of Moana's Fale.
  • Everything is ready for Moana. Welcome her to the Village.
  • Talk to Moana.