The Curse

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The Curse
Mother Gothel Quest
Mother Gothel.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Friendship.png Story Quest

Prerequisites: Complete quests

Unlock Biome

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (1000)

The Curse is a Story Quest available after completing the quests With Great Power... & Lost in the Dark Grove, as well as having unblocked the path to the Glade of Trust.

Quest Text

Merlin has something to tell you.

You discover a cabin in a tree. Inside, Mother Gothel, cursed by the Old Ruler, waits. Opening the door unleashes Mother Gothel’s Dark Magic on the whole Village. To fix it, you’ll have to restore the Pillar of Trust.

It appears the Orb of Trust is stuck between two realities. You need magical help.

You learn the Sea Witch is the only one who can cast the spell you need.

Kristoff must lose his memories of Anna for the magic to work. He does it to help save the Valley.

After restoring the Pillar and breaking the curse, it’s time to go back to Mother Gothel.


Night Shard.png Night Shard (5)
Dream Shard.png Dream Shard (5)


Speak with Merlin to start this quest once the requirements have been met.

Merlin.png Blast it all! We have a new problem. There's some sort of Dark Magic hanging over the great tree in the Glade of Trust.
Merlin.png This is different than the other Dark Magic we've faced. It's trickier; far more powerful.
Merlin.png I suspect one of the Villagers was meedling in bewitchments that have no place in this Valley, and it went terribly wrong.
Merlin.png I feared that not even your vast magic would be enough to lift the spell. But now that the Orbs of Friendship, Power, and Courage are back in their rightful places, I know I can trust you with this task.
You want me to go to the Glade of Trust and try to lift the Dark Magic from the tree?
→  That seems a little scary...
Merlin.png Before you can trust anyone else, you must trust in yourself, player. I know you can do this.
Merlin.png Now, as soon as you can, head to the Glade and focus your magic on the tree.

Head to the giant tree in the Glade of Trust to view a short cutscene showing the Dark Magic from the tree shooting up into the air and then assaulting the Valley. Most interiors will be locked for the duration of the quest, including shops and quest locations. Most Characters will also be confined to their houses. This means that Stalls won't function, either.

Enter the tree and peak with Mother Gothel inside the small cabin.

Mother Gothel.png Finally, someone has managed to open the door to my prison and free me from--
Mother Gothel.png *gasp!*
Mother Gothel.png It's you!
→  Have we met before?
Mother Gothel.png Why, you look just like...
Mother Gothel.png No, my mistake. It must be your dreadfully ordinary face.
Mother Gothel.png Hah! I'm just teasing. Don't take everything so seriously. I'm very happy to see you.
The Ruler locked you up here?
→  Why?
Mother Gothel.png Oh, fine, I'll admit it. I may have been fiddling with a tiny bit of Dark Magic!
Mother Gothel.png I was merely trying to concoct a curse that would keep someone locked away, safe and sound.
Mother Gothel.png After all, why bother with a secret tower when you can just use magic?
→  That's evil!
Mother Gothel.png Evil? Don't be so melodramatic, dear. Just because I meddle with Dark Magic, that doesn't mean I'm evil!
Mother Gothel.png Now, I'll confess, the spell may have gotten a bit out of hand.
Mother Gothel.png Some might even say it was threatening to destroy the whole Valley. I suppose I don't know my own strength! Ha!
Mother Gothel.png Well, that's when our Ruler decided to turn the spell back on me and lock me away in here.
Mother Gothel.png Now, as much as I appreciate you freeing me, I'm afraid you've made a dreadful mistake.
What do you mean...?
Mother Gothel.png You see, just as I was trapped in here by my curse...
Mother Gothel.png ...the curse was trapped in here with me.
Mother Gothel.png Now that you've freed me, you've unleashed my Dark Magic on the whole Village. Tsk, tsk. What a mess you've made!
→  How do I fix it?
Mother Gothel.png Well, it won't be easy.
Mother Gothel.png But if we can restore the Orb to the Pillar of Trust, it just might get rid of all this pesky Dark Magic.
Mother Gothel.png And aren't you lucky? I happen to know where the Orb is hidden!
→  Will you tell me where it is?
Mother Gothel.png Oh, I adore your manners, child.
Mother Gothel.png Since you're so polite, I'll let you in on my little secret.
Mother Gothel.png To draw on the Dark Magic I needed to create my curse, I had to rip the Orb of Trust out of the Pillar.
Mother Gothel.png Come quickly. Let's go to the Pillar of Trust.

Follow Mother Gothel into the Glade of Trust and talk to her next to the Pillar of Trust.

Mother Gothel.png Do you see that floating island over there? That's where I tossed the Orb of Trust.
Mother Gothel.png You can try to get it back. But only if you know how to sprout wings...
Mother Gothel.png The bridge to that island broke long ago.
Mother Gothel.png And one more word of warning about the Orb of Trust. You might be able to see it, but you won't be able to touch it.
Mother Gothel.png I cast a spell to try to hide it. But it worked a bit too well. It's between worlds now. Like a dream, when you're on the verge of waking...
→  What do you suggest?
Mother Gothel.png Go ask Merlin. He's always blathering on about his research. He might know something.

Mother Gothel will suggest that Merlin can help retrieve the Orb of Trust.

Find Merlin along the shore of Dazzle Beach and observe the conversation between him and Ursula.

Merlin.png Confound it, Ursula! I have the spell, but I can't be the one who performs it! It MUST be you.
Ursula.png Fine. Once again, I'll do ALL the work!
Ursula.png Just remember: You brought me this spell. Your hands aren't clean of this, old man.
Merlin.png I'm putting my trust in you, Ursula. DO NOT make me regret it.

Speak with Merlin and Ursula individually. Merlin can be found not too far away, close to the Pillar of Power.

Merlin.png Player! So all this Dark Magic is Mother Gothel's doing, eh? I should have known.
→  How do we fix all this?
Merlin.png Splendid question!
Merlin.png Most of the Villagers are stuck in their Houses by this blasted curse. Ursula and I were able to break free only because we cast some magic of our own to ward it off.
Merlin.png To break this curse, we'll have to restore the Pillar of Trust... but that may come at a terrible cost.
Merlin.png I know of a spell that could work, but it's dangerous. It demands sacrifices you may not be willing to make...
Merlin.png The spell will take you to another place... somewhere between Here and There, where the Orb of Trust was hidden.
Merlin.png It's not easy to get to, and it's dangerous to get stuck there.
→  Will I be able to come back?
Merlin.png The magic of the Pillar of Trust made whole again should be enough to summon you back to Dreamlight Valley.
Merlin.png We'll just have to hope the Sea Witch can be trusted.
→  What is the Here and There?
Merlin.png It's a place between worlds, made of pure magic.
Merlin.png In the Here and There, the laws that govern our world don't apply.
Merlin.png One may pass through things and see things that shouldn't be seen...
Merlin.png One might even take a leap of faith, and walk on air!
Merlin.png But usually, things or people that go to the Here and There never come back to tell tales of what they've seen.
→  What is the spell?
Merlin.png One for which you'll need Ursula's help. I'm afraid this type of magic is not my specialty.

Usrula will still be in the water close to where she was.

Ursula.png How typical. Once again, a bearded old geezer leaves all the dirty work to yours truly... and to you, apparently.
Ursula.png Tell me, player... are you ready to do whatever it takes?
→  Anything for Dreamlight Valley!
Ursula.png Ha! We'll see about that!
Ursula.png Now dearie, some of us managed to break free of the Dark Magic running rampant in the Village. But we'll need to give something up to free the others.
Ursula.png Merlin gave me his trust. Given our history, that was probably enough of a sacrifice.
Ursula.png As for me, I'm sacrificing my pride for the greater good. Marvelously noble of me, isn't it?
Ursula.png That leaves Kristoff. He fought off the curse before it could lock him up. It's up to you to get something from him. The greatest sacrifice of all.
Ursula.png His love.
Ursula.png He must be willing to give up all of his memories of his love -- Anna -- to save the Village.
→  That's awful! I can't!
Ursula.png YOU HAVE TO! It's the only hope to save your friends.
Ursula.png And we'll need a few ingredients to complete the spell. Make sure you bring back a few Dream Shards and Night Shards.
Ursula.png When you have all that, come to the cave where we first met. I'll do my magic on the spell there.

Ursula needs 5 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards, and Kristoff must be convinced to give up his memories of Anna for the spell.

Both Night Shards and Dream Shards can be found by digging in the ground and removing Night Thorns. Dream Shards can also be obtained when feeding Critters.

Find and speak with Kristoff.

Kristoff.png Player, what's going on? There's all this Dark Magic everywhere. I barely managed to fight it off!
It's a curse that Mother Gothel whipped up.
→  I need your help to break it!
Kristoff.png I'll do anything! Tell me what you need.
I need you to agree to give up your love for Anna... All your memories of her.
Kristoff.png What...? That's crazy. Anna's everything to me.
Kristoff.png I'll never give up my memories of her!
→  Fine. I can't make you do this.
Kristoff.png *sight*... Player, wait! If it's the only way to save the Valley, that means it's the only way to save Anna... I'll do it.
Kristoff.png The love I have for Anna and her love for me will survive anything.
Kristoff.png I trust you to help me get my memories back.
Kristoff.png But for now... I'll give them up.

After a short exchange, Kristoff will reluctantly agree to give up his memories.

Return to the cave where the player first met Ursula, in the very northeast of Dazzle Beach. Ursula, Merlin, and Kristoff will all be present in the cave.

Give the shards to Ursula.

Ursula.png The boy accepted. Aren't you the persuasive one, player. I'm almost impressed...
Ursula.png Now, there's only one more sacrifice to be made. Yours. I need your magic.
→  I'll do it!!!
Ursula.png HA! Good! Now that I have all the Ingredients, I can work my magic...
Ursula.png Travel to the Here and There, recover the Orb of Trust and fix the curse...
Ursula.png And don't dilly-dally, dearie. Our fate is in your hands.

A short cutscene will follow where Ursula will cast her spell, placing the player into the Here and There.

Return to the broken bridge. Large glowing rings will emanate from the proper location while in the Here and There, visible from any distance along the skyline.

Cross the air along the broken bridge to reach the Orb of Trust. Pick up the Orb and return it to the Pillar nearby.

Another short cutscene will show the Dark Magic dissipating.

Speak with Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel.png And once again, you save the day... just like always.
→  You don't even know me.
Mother Gothel.png Don't know you? Why, I thought you were just pretending... but you really don't know who you are, do you?
Mother Gothel.png Well then, let me be the first to welcome you back...
Mother Gothel.png ...back to the Valley that was once your home.
Mother Gothel.png You are our Ruler... Your Majesty.
→  I'm WHAT?
Mother Gothel.png The Old Ruler! You really should listen more closely, dear.
Mother Gothel.png Long ago, you reigned over these lands. It was prosperous enough, I suppose, and you made a ridiculous number of friends.
Mother Gothel.png But then, you started to change... And, one day -- poof! You disappeared without a trace.
Mother Gothel.png While you were gone, something evil started to grow and grow until it caused The Forgetting.
Mother Gothel.png If you want to end the Forgetting, you'll have to find a way to reach it and root it out...
Mother Gothel.png Keep exploring these lands, Your Majesty. Maybe you'll even find someone to help you with that.

A final cutscene will show the entrance to the Mammoth Skull in Sunlit Plateau crumbling away.


Friendship.png Friendship (1000)