Lost in the Dark Grove

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Lost in the Dark Grove
Kristoff Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Story Quest Menu Icon Story.png
Prerequisites: Complete quest
Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Is Everything

Unlock Biome

Forest of Valor
Rewards: Friendship (1000)

Lost in the Dark Grove is a Story Quest available after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Is Everything and unblocking the path to the Forest of Valor.

During this quest both Donald Duck and Kristoff are unlocked.

Quest Text

A mysterious sound is coming from the Forest. What can it possibly be?

You find Kristoff lost in the woods near a strange portal Donald disappeared through. He asks you to find his friend.

As you explore the Dark Grove on the other side of the Portal, you find one of Donald's feathers.

Kristoff suggests you ask Merlin for his help with a tracking spell.

When you find Donald Duck, he explains he was pursuing a Dark Entity that was stealing Orbs, before asking you to get him out of there and restore the Orb.


  • There's a strange sound coming from the Forest of Valor. Go see what it's all about.
  • It's Kristoff! Talk to him.
  • Go through the Dark Portal.
  • Investigate the Dark Grove for clues about Donald Duck's whereabouts.
  • Show Kristoff what you found.
  • Ask Merlin for help to track down Donald Duck.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the tracking spell:
Donald's Feather
Plant from the Dark Grove
Emerald (2)
Dream Shard (4)