Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

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Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?
Anna Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Anna Level 10

Unlock character

Elsa.png Elsa

Progress further with

Elsa.png Elsa
Remy.png Remy

Unlock biomes

Sunlit Plateau.png Sunlit Plateau
Frosted Heights.png Frosted Heights
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (1230)

"Fall's Bounty" Gown.png "Fall's Bounty" Gown

Wanna Build a Snowman? is a Friendship Quest available from Anna.

It's available after reaching Friendship level 10, progressing with Remy and Elsa and clearing the path to both the Sunlit Plateau and the Frosted Heights.

Quest Text

Anna wants to cheer up her sister.

You'll need to find something to remind Elsa of happy times.

Anna wants to do something with you that she loved doing with Elsa when they were kids. It's time to build some snowmen!


  • Get these items for Elsa
Birthday Cake.png Birthday Cake
Book of Portraits.png Book of Portraits
Snowball.png Snowball (40)
Pebbles.png Pebbles (12)
Fabric.png Fabric (8)
Dry Wood.png Dry Wood (8)
Carrot.png Carrot (4)