The Final Trial

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The Final Trial
Merlin Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Merlin Level 10

Unlock WALL-E

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (880)

Merlin's Marvelous Wizard Hat.png Merlin's Marvelous Wizard Hat

The Final Trial is a Friendship Quest available from Merlin. It's available after leveling Friendship with Merlin to level 10, and unlocking WALL-E.

This quest upgrades the Watering Can so it can remove Large Mushroom Patches.

Quest Text

Merlin has another magical project in store.

He has an idea to improve your Royal Watering Can even more. When you accept the project, he gives you the list of Ingredients to gather.

When you come back with the Ingredients, Merlin tells you that he wants you to craft the enchantment yourself since you're now ready to become a wizard in your own right.

You gather the Ingredients and craft the enchantment yourself. Now it's time to see if it worked.

You improved your Royal Watering Can by yourself. Merlin will be thrilled to hear it.


Falling Water.png Falling Water
Ice Heart.png Ice Heart
Mushroom.png Mushroom (25)
  • Craft the enchantment.
  • Bring Merlin the results of your work.
  • Remove a Big Path-Blocking Mushroom.
  • Talk with Merlin.

Puzzle Solutions

Spoiler: Falling Water location

Can you think of any locations where water falls in Dreamlight Valley?

Spoiler: Solution
Falling Water can be collected near the waterfall in the Glade of Trust.
Spoiler: Ice Heart location

Have you received any quest items with a similar name lately? What might you be able to do with it?

Spoiler: Solution
To collect Ice Heart, plant and water the Ice Tear Seed Merlin gives you.


Speak with Merlin to start this quest once the requirements have been met.

Merlin.png Player! Just who I wanted to see. I've devised a way to further enchant your Watering Can.
Merlin.png You should be able to remove the large inconvenient Mushrooms with it.
Merlin.png It will require some work, though. Are you ready?
→  Absolutely! I'm sick of those Mushrooms.
Merlin.png That's the spirit! The first thing we need is Purified Night Shard Powder.
Merlin.png Now the Shards are very hard, but we'll need to crush them.
Merlin.png Do you know anyone good at crushing things?
→  I know a little robot who crushes things.
Merlin.png You mean WALL•E! Yes, he should be able to help.
Merlin.png Speak to him about this as soon as you can.

Merlin needs 5 Purified Night Shards. Crafting them will require 25 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards.

Both Night Shards and Dream Shards can be obtained from clearing Night Thorns and from digging up the ground. Additionally, Dream Shards can be obtained from giving food to critters.

Find Wall-E after crafting the Purified Night Shards and give them to him.

WALL•E, do you think you could crush these Shards for me?
WALL-E.png Ta-daaaa!
Powder as dark as the night!
→  Thank you, WALL•E!
WALL-E.png Whoopee!

Return to Merlin with the crushed shards.

Merlin.png Excellent, Player! Now, I have a challenge for you.
Merlin.png We've been working together some time now, and I think you're ready.
Merlin.png Ready... to become a wizard yourself!
→  Do I get a pointy hat?
Merlin.png All in good time. Now...
Merlin.png This is a book on how to enchant objects.
Merlin.png It's written in riddles, which any true wizard can decipher.
Merlin.png I'll give you just one hint -- you need the Ice Tear Seed.
Merlin.png It was hidden in the binding of the book. Here you are.

Merlin will explain that the riddles within his book must be deciphered.

Gather an Ice Heart, some Falling Water, and 15 Mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be found growing throughout the Glade of Trust or gathered by watering small mushroom patches.

Both the Ice Heart and Falling Water can found using the hints provided by Merlin.

After gathering all the materials, craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment and give it to Merlin to apply the enchantment.

Merlin.png Splendid! Splendid, player. You've performed the enchantment with great success.
Merlin.png Well, don't wait here! Go try it on some of those pungent Mushrooms!

Merlin will upgrade the Water Can, giving it the ability to clear large Mushroom Patches.

Clear a large Mushroom Patch and speak with Merlin again.

Merlin.png Player, I'm quite proud of you, you know.
Merlin.png You deciphered the enchantment and created magic.
Merlin.png Now to mark your status as a true wizard...
Merlin.png is your very own wizard's hat!