A Dark Experiment

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A Dark Experiment
Merlin Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 8.png Merlin Level 8

Unlock biome
Glade of Trust

Rewards: Friendship (700)

Watering Can upgrade

A Dark Experiment is a Friendship Quest available from Merlin. It's available after leveling Friendship with Merlin to level 8, and clearing the path to the Glade of Trust.

This quest upgrades the Watering Can so it can remove Small Mushroom Patches.

Quest Text

Merlin is looking for you.

He’s finally figured out a way to improve the Royal Watering Can for good and it involves Purified Night Shards. He gives you the list of Ingredients he needs.

The best way to know if the enchantment worked is to test your new and improved Royal Watering Can.

Merlin will be happy to learn that the experiment was a success.


  • Gather the Ingredients for Merlin’s experiment
Mushroom (10)
Emerald (5)
Purified Night Shard (3)


Once the requirements have been met, the player can speak with Merlin to start this quest.


Player! I was just thinking of you and how you were sure to appear momentarily.

→  Why were you thinking about me?

Do you recall when I enchanted your Watering Can to remove Mushrooms?


I may have found a way to make that enchantment permanent.


It's all to do with the Purified Night Shards we discovered.


Once you gather a few Ingredients, I'll show you. We'll need Mushrooms, Emeralds, and Purified Night Shards.

Merlin asks the player to gather some ingredients so that he can enchant the Royal Watering Can. Gather 10 Mushrooms, 5 Emeralds, and 3 Purified Night Shards.

Mushrooms can be foraged throughout the Glade of Trust.

Emeralds can be found by mining at Rock Spots in the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust.

Purified Night Shards can be crafted at any Crafting Station using Dream Shards and Night Shards.

Give the ingredients to Merlin once they've been collected.


Splendid! We have all the Ingredients we need. Now for the enchantment...


Higitus figitus ommeebus low! Bothersome plants, it's time to go!


There! That should do it!


Test it on some of those small Mushrooms that are blocking a path in the Village.

The Watering Can can now permanently remove the small Mushroom Patches found primarily in the Peaceful Meadow and the Glade of Trust.

Remove three of these Mushroom Patches and return to Merlin.


The enchantment worked? Marvelous!


We've discovered two important things...


That the Purified Night Shards are potent tools...


...and a way to rid ourselves of those inconvenient Mushrooms.


A productive endeavor indeed!



  • The interface to give Merlin the ingredients for the enchantment may stay up after clicking Give while the dialogue continues. Clicking either Cancel or Give will advance the dialogue, but the interface will remain after the dialogue is finished. Force-closing the game fixes this.