A Restaurant Makeover

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A Restaurant Makeover
Remy Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Progress further with
Scrooge McDuck
Rewards: Friendship (180)

A Restaurant Makeover is a Friendship Quest available from Remy.

It's available after unlocking Remy and progressing with Scrooge McDuck.

Quest Text

Remy is ready to start working on his new restaurant.

He noticed a decrepit restaurant in the Village. Rather than starting from the ground up, he wants to renovate it, but he needs to first assess how much work is ahead of him. He enlists you to help him.

The restaurant is lacking everything, including the basics. You start by bringing some Furniture.

Now, you need to restock the Pantry.

With some basic needs covered, Remy is ready to open the restaurant and feed the Villagers.

A Grand Opening is a joyous occasion but also a source of stress. Maybe you should find out how Remy feels about the whole thing.


Oregano (10).
Carrot (15).
Raspberry (15).
Wheat (25).
  • Bring Remy the ingredients he needs.
  • Follow Remy to the restaurant.
  • Talk to Remy.
  • Enter the newly opened restaurant!
  • Talk to Remy.