The Mysterious Wreck

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The Mysterious Wreck
Goofy Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Pickup Mysterious Paddle

Unlock Biomes

Dazzle Beach
Rewards: Friendship (500)

The Mysterious Wreck is a Friendship Quest available from Goofy. It's available after picking up the Mysterious Paddle found on the ground next to Skull Rock in Dazzle Beach.

Completing this quest will repair the broken raft on the beach, which opens the path to meet and unlock Ariel.

Quest Text

As you explored Dreamlight Valley, you stumbled on a mysterious Raft.

You decide to ask Goofy for help.

He gives you a list of Ingredients to gather to repair the Raft.

After collecting the ingredients, you craft what you need to repair the Wrecked Raft.

The Raft is now ready to be used. Go discover who needs to be rescued!


  • You need to find someone who's good at fixing things.
  • Gather the materials to repair the Wrecked Raft:
Hardwood (30).
Rope (7).
Clay (25).
Iron Ingot (10).