Failing Better

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Failing Better
Woody Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Progress further with
Remy.png Remy

Unlock biomes

Dazzle Beach.png Dazzle Beach
Peaceful Meadow.png Peaceful Meadow
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (260)

Failing Better is a Friendship Quest available from Woody.

It's available after unlocking Woody, progressing with Remy and having cleared the paths to Dazzle Beach and the Peaceful Meadow.

Quest Text

Woody is a bit embarrassed. He tried to make himself useful and be a good neighbor by helping Remy prepare some meals at his restaurant, but cooking is a little harder than he expected. He needs your help.

After tasing the horrendous meal Woody prepared, you realize he indeed needs your help and you decide to replace the meals he was supposed to prepare.

After fixing the issue with Remy, Woody explains he wanted to get some ingredients for Goofy but was unable to procure any safely. You decide to help him.

After giving the Ingredients to Goofy, you find Woody at the Carousel. He explains to you that he wanted to do something useful for the Village and you decide that maybe it's best to start with the Carousel.

You discover that Woody's Carousel used to look very different in the past. What can it possibly mean for Woody?


  • Talk to Remy
  • Eat the meals Woody prepared.
Gooey Paste.png Gooey Paste
Salty Garlic Cheesecake.png Salty Garlic Cheesecake
  • That tasted awful. Return to Remy.
  • Talk to Woody
  • Cook the following meals:
Vegetarian Pizza.png Vegetarian Pizza
Cheesecake.png Cheesecake
  • Make sure you have the following meals in your inventory:
Vegetarian Pizza.png Vegetarian Pizza
Cheesecake.png Cheesecake
  • Bring the meals to Remy
  • Talk to Woody
  • Follow Woody to Dazzle Beach
  • Gather some Wheat.png Wheat (3)
  • Catch some fresh Cod.png Cod (3)
  • Make sure you have the Ingredients for Goofy in your Inventory.
  • Talk to Woody
  • Make sure you have the Ingredients for Goofy's dinner in your Inventory.
  • Bring the Ingredients to Goofy
  • Meet Woody at the Carousel
  • Clean up the Trash in the Carousel (7)
  • Investigate the Memory in the Carousel.
  • Return to Woody.