A Lesson in Frustration

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A Lesson in Frustration
Merlin Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 4.png Merlin Level 4

Unlock biome
Dazzle Beach.png Dazzle Beach

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (350)

A Lesson in Frustration is a Friendship Quest available from Merlin. It's available after leveling Friendship with Merlin to level 4, and clearing the path to Dazzle Beach.

Quest Text

Merlin seems to be frustrated. You should find out why.

While discussing with him, you realize that Merlin didn't pay attention to the most basic human need: food. You decide to help him.



Once the appropriate requirements have been met, speak with Merlin to start this quest.

Merlin.png Oh, hang it all! Hang it all!
Merlin.png Everything's complicated. One great mystical mess...
→  What's wrong, Merlin?
Merlin.png Nothing! Or rather, everything!
Merlin.png I'm attempting an experiment, but it's just not cooperating!
Merlin.png "Alakazim" has always been an effective variant of "Alakazam"!
→  It sounds like you need a break. When did you last eat?
Merlin.png Eat? Hm? With food? Perhaps... Tuesday?
Stop working. I'm getting you something to eat.

After Merlin vents, make a 2-Star meal. Meals over 2-star will also fulfill this requirement. Easy 2-star meals to prepare include Fish Sandwiches and Vegetable Soup.

Bring the meal to Merlin.

Merlin.png Oh! That smells wonderful! It seems I am actually quite hungry.
Merlin.png I was so wrapped up in my studies, I must have forgotten to eat.
Merlin.png No wonder I became so frustrated. Thank you, player.