The Dreamlight Fountain

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The Dreamlight Fountain
Donald Duck Quest
Donald Duck.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 10.png Donald Duck Level 10

Unlock Biome
Forgotten Lands

Rewards: Friendship (1230)

Donald's Sailor Coat

The Dreamlight Fountain is a Friendship Quest available from Donald Duck. It's available after leveling Friendship with Donald Duck to level 10, and clearing the path to the Forgotten Lands.

Quest Text

Donald found something that could hold the secret to finishing his big Village project.

Donald discovered a campsite in the Sunlit Plateau that may hold some clues about the big project he was planning before the Forgetting.

You discover that Donald was planning to build a grant fountain to rejuvenate the Forgotten Lands. Now you just need to figure out how to finish it.

You gather everything you need to craft the fountain. Now you just need to finish it.

You've made the Forgotten Lands a more beautiful place. Now it's time to celebrate.


Stone (35)
Iron Ingot (5)
Soil (18)
Hardwood (8)
Clay (10)