With Great Power...

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With Great Power...
Merlin Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Story Quest Menu Icon Story.png
Prerequisites: Unlock Biome

Complete quest

Rewards: Friendship (1000)

With Great Power... is a Story Quest given by Merlin after completing the quest Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Is Everything and unlocking the path to Dazzle Beach.

Quest Text

Merlin needs to tell you about something important.

Merlin and some other Villagers fear the forgetting is happening again. Dreamlight Valley's fate lies in the Sea Witch's hands.

You promise to free Ursula from her cave in exchange for information. If you want to stop what's happening, you need to find the Orb of Power in a secret cavern locked by a key she gives you.

Finding out how to open the cave was the easy part. Inside you discover a series of vexing Riddles.

After overcoming the tests and restoring the Orb of Power, you have no choice but to tell Merlin about Ursula being free.


  • Talk to Merlin
  • Explore the cursed cave
  • Place Ursula's Crystal Key in a device near the locked entrance to a cave on Dazzle Beach.
  • Explore the Mystical Cave
  • Find a way to remove the first Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.
  • Find a way to remove the second Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.
  • Find a way to remove the third Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.
  • Fish the Orb of Power out of the water in the Mystical Cave.
  • Place the Orb of Power in the Pillar.
  • Go back to Ursula.
  • Let Merlin know that Ursula is free.

Puzzle Solutions

To pass by each of the gates inside the Mystical Cave will require the following items:

Spoiler: First Magic Gate

Place each gem (specifically, non-shiny gems) on the pedestal matching its color

Spoiler: Second Magic Gate

Plant and water each crop, return when all three are fully grown
Carrot Seed
Tomato Seed
Wheat Seed

Spoiler: Third Magic Gate

Cook using previous gate's ingredients, then eat it
Veggie Pasta