The Forgotten Project

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The Forgotten Project
Donald Duck Quest
Donald Duck.png
Quest Information
Categories: Friendship Quest

Prerequisites: Friendship 6.png Donald Duck Level 6

Progress further with

Unlock Biome
Glade of Trust.png Glade of Trust

Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (880)

The Forgotten Project is a Friendship Quest available from Donald Duck.

It's available after leveling Friendship with Donald Duck to level 6, progressing with Mickey Mouse and clearing the path to the Glade of Trust.

Quest Text

Donald thinks he's figured out how to open the Time Capsule you found!

Donald sends you to Merlin to ask about the mysterious Time Capsule.

Merlin reveals that the Time Capsule will only open up for the right smell. You set out to gather the ingredients needed to open it.

The Time Capsule contained a Memory showing that Donald hid something in the Sunlit Plateau.

You found a bunch of Wooden Crates buried in the Sunlit Plateau. But they're stuck between worlds in the Here and There. You'll need some way to get them out.


Yellow Bromeliad.png Yellow Bromeliad (2)
Pink Houseleek.png Pink Houseleek (3)
White Marsh Milkweed.png White Marsh Milkweed (2)
Yellow Bromeliad.png Yellow Bromeliad (2)
Blue Hydrangea.png Blue Hydrangea (3)
Empty Vial.png Empty Vial
  • Craft the Odorous Magnificus at a Crafting Station.
  • Make sure you have the Odorous Magnificus in your Inventory.
  • Bring the Odorous Magnificus to Merlin.
  • Open the Time Capsule to discover what's inside.
  • Talk to Donald about what you've uncovered.
  • Go to the Sunlit Plateau.png Sunlit Plateau and find the locations shown in the Memory.
  • Talk to Donald about the mysterious Wooden Crates.
  • Talk to Mickey about the Dreamlight Magnifier he owns.
  • Use the Dreamlight Magnifier on the Crates in the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Bring the Crates to Donald.


Friendship.png Friendship (880)