Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow

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Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow
Scrooge McDuck Quest
Scrooge McDuck.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Friendship.png Story Quest

Prerequisites: Complete quest Friendship Is Everything
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (500)

Rebuild the Valley: Peaceful Meadow is a Story Quest given by Scrooge McDuck after completing the quest Friendship Is Everything.

An easy method to complete this quest is to place any 10 pieces of furniture in the Peaceful Meadow, return to Scrooge to turn in, then go back to the Meadow to recollect the furniture.

Quest Text

Now that the Pillar in the Peaceful Meadow has been restored, it’s time to spruce things up around here.

You made the Peaceful Meadow a more beautiful place.



Friendship.png Friendship (500)