Frozen Memories

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Frozen Memories
Kristoff Quest
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 3.png Kristoff Level 3

Unlock character

Progress further with

Rewards: Friendship (670)

Frozen Memories is a Friendship Quest available from Kristoff.

It's available after reaching Friendship level 3 with Kristoff, unlocking Elsa, and progressing with Anna (completed Lost Loves and Missing Memories).

Quest Text

Kristoff is upset that he can't remember Anna, no matter how hard he tries.

He knows that he should remember her, but he can't. You decide to ask Elsa for help.

To help Kristoff get his memories back, you need to gather a few Ingredients.

Elsa's memories aren't strong enough for the spell. You'll need something from Anna to make this work.


  • Talk to Elsa.
  • Gather the Ingredients for the spell:
Aquamarine (6).
Swamp Water (3).
  • Bring the ingredients to Elsa.
  • Talk to Anna to get a lock of her hair.
  • Make sure you have Anna's Hair in your Inventory
Anna's Hair