On the Trail of Minnie's Memory

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On the Trail of Minnie's Memory
Minnie Mouse Quest
Minnie Mouse.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Quests.png Friendship Quest Menu Icon Friendship.png
Prerequisites: Friendship 4.png Minnie Mouse Level 4

Unlock Biomes
Forest of Valor
Dazzle Beach

Rewards: Friendship (350)

On The Trail of Minnie's Memory is a Friendship Quest available from Minnie Mouse.

It's available after leveling Friendship with Minnie Mouse to level 4, and having unlocked the paths to both the Forest of Valor and the Dazzle Beach.

Quest Text

Minnie is looking for you.

She tells you that she keeps being drawn to the same area in the Village for a mysterious reason. It's a mystery worth investigating.

Something weird is definitely happening in the area.

After getting the Dreamlight Magnifier from Mickey, you manage to retrieve the Sparkling Fishing Pole. You're on the trail of Minnie's missing Memories. Only one thing left to do... Follow it.

Minnie remembers Mickey and runs to him to tell him the good news.

After talking to Minnie, Mickey is eager to talk to you.

See how Minnie feels after getting her memory back.