Mickey's Memories

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Mickey's Memories
Mickey Mouse Quest
Mickey Mouse.png
Quest Information
Categories: Menu Icon Friendship.png Story Quest

Prerequisites: Complete quest Welcome to Dreamlight Valley
Rewards: Friendship.png Friendship (300)

Mickey's Memories is a Story Quest available after completing the quest Welcome to Dreamlight Valley.

Quest Text

Looks like the Night Thorns have gotten to Mickey! You speak to him to see how you can help...

The Memory shows you an image of Dreamlight Valley's past. Mickey tells you about Remy's recipes. The Little Chef left all his recipes in Mickey's care. Mickey hid them all over the Valley to keep them safe. The recipe for the Fruit Salad is hidden somewhere in the Village. You need to find it!

Not only did you find the recipe for Fruit Salad, you also discovered a new Tool: the Shovel!

Now that you've found the recipe for Fruit Salad, it's time to talk to Mickey to learn about what's next for you.


  • Remove the Night Thorns in Mickey's House.
  • Investigate the Memory using [E].
  • Ask Mickey about the Memory.
  • Find the location in Mickey's Memory!
  • Mickey hid a special recipe somewhere around Chez Remy!
  • Search the area to find the Recipe!
  • You found the Recipe!